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Slimy horror festival on Netflix: All 31 new films and series of the week

Slimy horror festival on Netflix: All 31 new films and series of the week

The Netflix yield has fluctuated extremely in the last few weeks. Sometimes a lot of good films and series come in one fell swoop, sometimes the offer looks rather poor. This weekend definitely belongs in the second category. Nevertheless, we would like to recommend a few newcomers to you.

New on Netflix: Slimy Horror by Gore Verbinski

Unfortunately, A Cure for Wellness did not turn out to be the desired success in the cinema. Still, Pirates of the Caribbean mastermind Gore Verbinski has created a slimy, creepy and pretty nasty horror film that you shouldn't miss. The following trailer gives you a first impression of the disgusting events.

New to Netflix: Fatih Akin's golden glove

The golden glove has been hotly debated since its premiere at the Berlinale 2019. Fatih Akin's film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Heinz Strunk about the murderer Fritz Honka is repulsive and disgusting, but at the same time infinitely fascinating. A worthwhile borderline experience.

New to Netflix: The remake of The Girl on the Train

The bestseller The Girl on the Train was adapted for the cinema in 2016 with Emily Blunt in the leading role. The Indian remake of the exciting story about a woman who makes a shocking observation while Stream-Planet a train when she looks out the window has been waiting for Netflix since Friday.

New movies on Netflix this week

New series on Netflix this week

As always, the list is not complete, as more films and series often appear on weekends that were not previously announced by Netflix.

What do you watch on Netflix this weekend?

A giant drawing of a 2000-year-old cat was discovered in Nazca

A giant drawing of a 2000-year-old cat was discovered in NazcaThis one of the most mysterious areas of our planet has just surprised us again. Another intriguing drawing was discovered there. It's strange that no one has noticed him in the last decades.

The drawings from Nazca fascinate and at the same time make many of us wonder about their extraterrestrial origin. Scientists believe that these geometric figures were created by the inhabitants of this region several thousand years ago. We created memes on the internet, and they made drawings in the hills.

Another geoglyph discovered a few days ago is large and presents a cat. Archaeologists say that it is 37 meters long. Amazingly, the drawing is located on the slope of the most famous mountain on the Nazca plateau. It is here that there is a popular viewpoint, from which there tipsbeast a beautiful view of the geoglyphs.

How did nobody notice him? It was hidden under a thick layer of dust due to rock erosion. It was discovered by workers who were carrying out maintenance works on the viewpoint. They informed the archaeologists about their find, who immediately went to the site and restored it to its former glory.

The newest one, which shows a cat, looks very interesting. The cat has pointed ears, four legs and a tail. Some see another creature there. The geoglyph is supposed to be a combination of a cat and a reptile. The latter is in the cat's tail and looks like a crocodile. There are also those who do not see a cat there, only a tyrannosaur rex or a kangaroo with a cat's head.

Scientists point out that they've always missed the cat's geoglyph. They knew it had to be there somewhere, but they didn't expect it to be right on their feet. Paracas cultures existed from 200 to 100 BC and used cat images very often in their works.

The National Stadium is turning into a large field hospital for CoVID-19 patients

The National Stadium is turning into a large field hospital for CoVID-19 patientsThe situation in Warsaw related to the CoVID-19 pandemic is slowly beginning to resemble scenes from Chinese Wuhan in spring this year, where field hospitals were built for infected residents.

The construction of the largest field hospital in our country started over the weekend. The facility is to be adapted for up to 1,000 patients suffering from SARS-CoV-2. The project is supervised by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the management of the National Stadium. The facility is to be put into use later this week.

Patient beds are to be installed in offices, but the pitch is also to be arranged. The National Stadium will also be equipped with cold rooms for patients who lose their fight against the coronavirus. From the information disclosed by the authorities, we learn that similar field hospitals are to be established in each province. Their role will be to relieve the practically paralyzed ordinary hospitals.

The most important aspect of their construction is the return of ordinary hospitals to normal functioning and carrying out planned procedures and operations, which have been postponed to an undefined future not only due to overload, but also mass coronavirus infections among doctors and medical staff.

The largest field hospital in Poland, which will be built at the National Stadium, and those to be built in each of the provinces, will be comprehensively equipped with the most modern equipment. It is currently stored and successively supplemented in the warehouses of the Government's Material Reserves Agency.

"We will also want to analyze the possibility of building or establishing the so-called military hospitals with the minister of national defense. field hospitals, which will be able to expand the offer mainly in the field of intensive care, because in the worst, worst-case scenarios, this will be the most important element that we will have to deal with, ”said Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health.

So far, over 175,000 people in Poland have suffered from best tech advices of which over 92,000 have recovered. In total, more than 3.5 thousand deaths have already been recorded. Currently, there are over 8,000 infections a day, 2,500 recoveries and nearly 50 deaths.

The latest astronaut flight to the space home lasted only 3 hours

The latest astronaut flight to the space home lasted only 3 hoursRoscosmos has just set another record for its journey from the surface of the Earth to the International Space Station. The future of space tourism looks bright.

The Soyuz MS-17 ship took off yesterday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. He took another crew to the cosmic home in the form of one astronaut and two cosmonauts. NASA's Kate Rubins and Roscosmos's Sergei Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Swierczkov traveled to the ISS in just 3 hours. Due to the CoVID-19 pandemic, everyone was wearing face masks before getting into the vehicle.

The Russian Space Agency boasts that this is a historic moment. In the accelerated mode, such a journey so far took 6 hours, and under normal conditions even 2 days. So we are dealing here with the reduction of this time by half. Such a fast flight offers great opportunities that the first space tourists can take advantage of.

Let us remind you that Russian companies that are developing in the private sector already have plans to transform the International Space Station into a space hotel. It would be intended for travelers with a thick wallet and hungry for unearthly experiences. Just a 3-hour flight into orbit noob homepage make many more people interested in such attractions.

Fast travel is also a matter of ensuring greater safety for the space station crew. If there are any serious incidents, of which there have been many recent times, agencies will be able to quickly send the necessary equipment to the ISS to help bring the situation under control. Until now, it was not possible, and such an action would definitely change a lot for the better in the everyday life of the crew.

Interestingly, in early November this year, the crew will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the continuous life of male and female astronauts and cosmonauts on board the International Space Station. After 2025, the space house will begin to turn into a hotel for tourists. NASA and ESA plan to transfer the experiments to special mini-shuttles and capsules, as well as to the surface of the Moon or the deck of the Lunar Space Port.

See how the Chinese army is testing a massive kamikaze drone attack on targets

See how the Chinese army is testing a massive kamikaze drone attack on targetsThe Army of the Middle Kingdom is growing in strength very quickly. The government focuses on autonomous aerial vehicles, thanks to which you can attack any target and destroy it with incredible precision. Check it out in the video.

The China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology (CAEIT) recently had drones that could take off from the ground at its disposal. The latest test, however, was carried out using a specially modified Dongfeng Mengshi truck equipped with a 45-tube drone battery. A helicopter with small launchers also appeared in action.

The army definitely relies on swarm technology. It consists in hitting tens or even hundreds of drones at the same time at a selected ground or air target. The clashes between the Armenians and Azeris in Nagorno-Karabakh have shown that drones are the future of military action. The Azeris made many successful attacks on Armenian targets with the use of unmanned aerial tech guides delivered from Turkey.

The Chinese are currently leading the world in the development of attack technology using drone swarms. Recently, there have been experiments involving as many as 200 kamikaze drones. The army boasts that eliminating targets in this way is not only cheaper than rocket strikes, but can also be carried out by surprise.

Such trucks can be placed in the most sensitive places of the clash with the enemy, and then soldiers can use kamikaze drones when the enemy least expects it. You can see the attack carried out in this way on the latest footage that was published by the Chinese army.

Kamikaze drones have been equipped with low-resolution cameras, and the entire swarm is controlled by a soldier using a tablet. Although their action is supervised by a human, his role is really only to launch them and then select the target they are to eliminate.

Nokia will build the first 4G LTE cellular network on the lunar surface

Nokia will build the first 4G LTE cellular network on the lunar surfaceNASA surprised everyone with new projects related to the Artemis program, a 21st-century continuation of the Apollo program, which is to result in returning to the moon and staying there forever.

The agency intends to ensure fast communication between the bases on the Moon, the successor of the International Space Station, i.e. the Lunar Space Port and the surface of the Earth. Although the space Internet called Starlink by SpaceX is being built in orbit at lightning pace, it is not intended for such operations at this point.

NASA has allocated over $ 14 million to change this reality. Nokia, which has extensive experience not only in building mobile devices, but also in creating the future of 5G networks, will help in this. Within 2 years, Nokia is to develop advanced technologies needed to build the first 4G LTE space network.

The agency plans to first connect the mobile bases on the moon where the colonizers will live. The plan involves the construction of several research and mining centers on the surface of our planet's natural satellite. Their efficient functioning is to take place through a fast network of information exchange. A 4G network is all you need for a good start, and then it's time for 5G.

Recently, engineers at NASA and MIT conducted the first tests of such technology. They used four telescopes in New Mexico and one of the satellites in Earth's orbit. The signal was transmitted by laser in the form of coded infrared pulses. Four telescopes sent web guides best signal with a total strength of 40 watts. In this way, scientists created an access point on the lunar surface with a download of 19.44 Mbps and an upload of 622 Mbps.

This is what the scariest stars in the Universe look like

This is what the scariest stars in the Universe look likeAstronomers are constantly making amazing and groundbreaking discoveries that show us how fascinating and dynamically developing place is the impenetrable abyss of the Universe.

This time, scientists from the University of Sydney made observations of the most terrifying stars. We are talking about Wolf-Rayet stars. They are massive stars in the last stable phase of their lives. It is only moments away from an explosion and becoming a supernova.

Astronomers have discovered a pair of stars that have been named Apep. The system is located 8,000 years from Earth, and the objects themselves have a mass 10 to 15 times greater than the Sun and are 100,000 times brighter than the Sun. The temperature on their surface reaches 25,000 degrees Celsius, which is 10 times higher than on our day star.

Apep emit huge amounts of dust. You can even say that they are bathed in it. In the published graphics, we can see what this layout looks like in reality. I must admit that it is very spectacular. It is worth adding here that the dust and gas emitted by the stars took on a spiral structure and is ejected into space at a huge speed of 12 million km / h.

Why are Wolf-Rayet stars so scary? Not only because of the spectacular picture of their top web tutorials death, but also due to the fact that their remains will turn into powerful neutron stars or black holes that will begin to devour surrounding objects. But it is not everything. We have discovered very few of them in the universe, and there are only a dozen or so systems like Apep.

Wolf-Rayet tandems are also dangerous because of their rapid rotation around their axis. When it explodes as a supernova, a gigantic burst of gamma rays will automatically occur and can destroy all life on objects as far away as Earth. Fortunately, Apep's axis of rotation is not directed towards our planet, so we can rest assured.

Interestingly, astronomers from the University of Chicago recently developed a very consistent and complete hypothesis explaining the formation of the solar system. Until now, the world of astronomy believed that it was born as a result of the appearance of a supernova. However, according to a hypothesis published in the Astrophysical Journal, it could have arisen in wind-blown bubbles around the giant Wolf-Rayet star.

The high temperature inside them is an ideal factor for the production of various chemical elements. They are blown all over the space by intense winds. Scientists believe that they push up dense matter, creating larger clusters in the form of bubbles, in which the Sun could be born, and later the entire planetary system.

First breakfast, then coffee ... never the other way around, because there will be no effect

First breakfast, then coffee ... never the other way around, because there will be no effectAfter a bad night, many people only dream of a huge cup of strong coffee, which will wake them up a little, but as it turns out, this is not the best way to start the day.

New research from the British University of Bath suggests that in this way we unknowingly hurt ourselves, because strong coffee drunk on an empty stomach weakens the body's response to glucose, so it is definitely better to eat breakfast first and then eat a small or large black coffee. - We know that almost half of us, after waking up in the morning, drink coffee before doing anything else - intuitively, the more tired we feel, the stronger we are. This research is important and has far-reaching health implications because we had very little understanding of what coffee does to our body, more specifically to metabolism and blood sugar control, explains one author, James Betts.

The study involved 29 healthy adults, each tasked with completing three different net oasis experiments. A control experiment allowed them an uninterrupted night's sleep before drinking a sweet drink designed to replicate the caloric content of breakfast. This allowed the researchers to collect blood samples and establish the baseline glucose and insulin responses of each participant. The other two experiments involved waking the participants up every hour at night - then they were given the same sweetened drink, but in one trial it was preceded by strong black coffee.

Interestingly, scientists did not find any changes in the glucose / insulin response after one night with interrupted sleep, which is interesting because other recent studies show that metabolic dysfunction occurs after such a single episode. Researchers speculate that perhaps the nature of their sleep interruption is not sufficient alone to initiate metabolic dysfunction. The subjects were awakened every hour for exactly 5 minutes, while in other studies the sleep breaks lasted up to an hour or two. Harry Smith, leading the new study, suggests that this result should be encouraging for people who care about their sleep hygiene but occasionally experience single episodes of sleeplessness or interrupted sleep - in which case glucose is working properly.

However, if we start the day with strong coffee after a bad night, we will see a negative effect on glucose metabolism, which will deteriorate by about 50%. In such a situation, we should try to balance the benefits of the stimulating effect of coffee in the morning and the high blood glucose levels by waiting for breakfast to drink coffee, Smith explains. By the way, he also explains that there is a lot to discover before we get a good understanding of the relationship between sleep and metabolism. For example, it is still unclear how many interruptions and interruptions during sleep are needed to influence metabolism. Anyway, one thing we can do now - let's take care of sleep hygiene, and if we have to drink strong black coffee in the morning, let's do it after breakfast, because high blood sugar levels persist for a long time lead to organ damage and many diseases that we want. avoid.

Wikipedia changes its look for the first time in a decade. Now it's more useful

Wikipedia changes its look for the first time in a decade. Now it's more usefulIf you are used to the appearance of the most popular online treasury of knowledge on all kinds of topics, you may be surprised, because there is a new one.

While the scientific community still laughs at the thought of Wikipedia as a source of reliable information, the truth is that it's hard to find someone who doesn't use it. Especially that, unlike many other solutions, this encyclopedia is constantly growing and currently has over 53 million entries in over 300 languages. It cannot be denied, however, that the website design definitely does not keep up and still looks the same as it did years ago - although this has its advantages, because most of us do not like changes and appreciate the ease of using a familiar interface, but the creators of Wikipedia decided that it's high time.

- We are proud that our website is more direct, simple and ad-free than the rest of the internet. However, the design of the Wikipedia desktop and other Wikimedia Foundation projects has not experienced significant changes in the last 10 years, making many of the page navigation seem clumsy and overwhelming for users and editors whose primary purpose is to create, learn and control content, the website says. wikimedia.org. Therefore, Wikipedia will see changes, especially as its authors recognize the importance of website design for new users who are just starting to use the Internet - for them many elements of the encyclopedia are unreadable.

In the new version, Wikipedia is to be more modern, trustworthy and encouraging to visit, but at the same techboss the core of the encyclopedia will remain unchanged, so that the whole is intuitive and convenient for both new and old users. Therefore, in May 2019, a project to improve Wikipedia was launched, planned for several years, which will end no earlier than the end of next year, when the website will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It is thanks to him that Wikipedia will have a new logo, a disappearing sidebar, table of contents and many other improvements, a full list of which can be found HERE. The changes will be introduced in stages, and the first will take place soon and will concern the aforementioned retractable sidebar and setting the maximum width of the content on the page, which is to help users focus on the content itself, because it will reduce all possible distractions.

Accidents in Amazon's automated warehouses are an unpleasant everyday life?

Accidents in Amazon's automated warehouses are an unpleasant everyday life?Information has just appeared on the web suggesting that the automated warehouses of the American giant, which pride themselves on unrealistic productivity, cause a lot of accidents.

Since 2014, Amazon has been advertising the effectiveness and safety of its new automated warehouses, where robots assist employees in the packaging process. However, it seems that automation brings a lot of damage at the same time, literally, because it is about a high accident rate among employees, which is much higher than the company presents it in its reports. According to the report for 2016-2019 published on the web, there were 50% more serious accidents in such centers than in traditional ones. For example, one such warehouse, BFI3, located south of Amazon's Seattle headquarters, had 22 serious accidents per 100 employees last year.

This is about five times the industry standard and above the Amazon average, all reportedly due to the unrealistic expectations placed on the human workers employed there. An example is often given here people whose duty is to scan products - until recently technology news had to scan 100 products per hour, and now Amazon is expected to scan 400 products at the same time, so they are usually unable to keep up with robots, as leads to accidents.

What's more, as revealed by the Reveal magazine, Amazon is very slow to respond or completely ignores the voices of regulators, because in 2015, for example, it was encouraged by the Occupational Saftey and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure employee rotation in one shift in order to avoid injuries related to constant stress, but still not introduced the appropriate solutions. Of course, the number of accidents is also increasing in hot periods such as Christmas or Prime Day, and it is increasing every year. What about Amazon? The company representative first limited himself to saying that "the use of robots, automation and technology in warehouses improves the workplace, makes it safer and more efficient."

Later, in response to an inquiry from Engadget, he decided to make a longer statement: - We strongly disagree with the fact that we have misled anyone. We're known to be obsessed with customers - but we're also obsessed with our employees and their safety. Reveal is misinformed and driven by a sense of activism rather than journalism. The journalist misinterprets the data, and all the internal documents he claims to have obtained ultimately only confirm one thing - our deep interest in employee safety. As a company, we are constantly learning and developing from past experiences, as well as focusing on programs to create a safer work environment and provide appropriate health benefits from the first day of work - we read in it. And who to believe? As an employer, Amazon certainly does not enjoy the best opinion, and such reports only make it worse, so we will certainly see the rest of this case.