Pity This little-known Nolan film occurs Tenet probably not return to the cinema

Pity! This little-known Nolan film occurs “Tenet” probably not return to the cinema

Before the mysterious new film by Christopher Nolan starts, we get the biggest hits of the director again on the big screen to see. But very well, I prefer would be his debut film, which many do not even know are likely.

+++ +++ opinion

+++ +++ opinion

Movies like “Inception”, “Interstellar” or the “Dark Knight” trilogy among the most popular blockbusters since the turn of the millennium. but the films of Christopher Nolan come to not only look good but are mostly seen by many people – on the evaluation platform IMDb have “The Dark Knight” and Co. sometimes even more than two million votes (!). (As of July 9, 2020)

Then you can watch the “Dark Knight” trilogy again see in the movies!

The large imaginary, spectacularly staged blockbuster draw the crowds. Since it is not surprising that Warner until again the Nolan catalog brings in light of the current situation in the cinemas before then the youngest potential genius Nolan comes with “Tenet” (hopefully) on August 12, 2020 the cinemas.

Everything turned Nolan in the past 15 years, he was shooting for Warner. Since it is not surprising that, with one exception ( “Prestige”) any films from that period already a re-release date got in the cinema. And I think it’s laudable, there to give the many fans the chance to see “Inception”, “Interstellar” and Co. again on the big screen. Only these films has but it is also already in practical terms each.

How about instead of “Following”?

How about instead of “Following”?

“The Following”: Christopher Nolans Debütfilm

Before his blockbusters Nolan turned the relatively small, but no less spectacular thriller “Memento” and “Insomnia”, which one also knows by now. And if not, you can at least quite easily on DVD and Blu-ray both catch ( “Memento” * and “Insomnia” * there’s already starting five euro u. A. At Amazon).

Anders sees it as even with Nolan’s first work from. “Following” can boast (1998), which is currently the way almost ridiculous in comparison to his later films 83000 rating on IMDb, this country was evaluated in the 2000s a mini theatrical release times casually on DVD, since then, however, only hard to to get. And the import alternatives also are limited, the US Blu-ray to the film can be applied to conventional German players for example do not play.

Also Cobb (Alex Haw) like penetrates into life: – What it’s in “Following” finally to him one of them confronts Under the pretext that he would investigate as a writer, the voyeuristic loner Bill (Jeremy Theobald) pursues arbitrarily strangers strangers, but tell it as a burglar. When Bill decides to accompany the criminals in his activities, he is, however, more and more deeply involved in something he can not control …

That’s the point in “Following”:

So are the chances of “Following” at the movies

we may get ahead “Tenet” can still be seen Christopher Nolan’s “Following” at the movies? Probably not. Who wants to make up for the debut of the master director, as the author of these lines probably will not get a chance in the wake of Nolan re-releases.

we may get ahead “Tenet” can still be seen Christopher Nolan’s “Following” at the movies? Probably not.

“Following” is not a big Nolan epic: Before Nolan hundreds of millions of dollars was asked for his films available, had to start the 90 small and it end PrimeWire. The black and white film produced for just 6,000 US dollars, for the Nolan mainly on friends had to resort as an actor, is not exactly what the masses pulls the movies.

“Following” is not a big Nolan epic:

And the rights are not at Warner: In the course of Nolan wave, which currently runs through the German cinemas, “Following” will not appear. The distribution rights in Germany are not available namely Hollywood studio Warner, but with the Alive AG – announced at least so far no plans might also bring “Following” again for a short time to the movies.

And the rights are not at Warner:

Who does not want to stream in slimmed quality via Netflix, Amazon and Co., the visually stunning bombast movies by Christopher Nolan, but would like to experience on the big screen, receives from Warner precisely to the possibility – and that’s great. Who “Following” but finally want to underscore his watch list, should probably continue to be patient.

One of the most iconic films of all time comes again to the cinema – in the full version!


Facebook and Microsoft jointly declare a great war on DeepFake technology

And again we are coming back to DeepFake technology, which has settled in our reality for good, and unfortunately it causes more and more problems not only to the largest corporations, but also to famous people and power.

We recently wrote about the fact that it has become a dangerous tool in the hands of criminals who have already stolen millions of dollars and are elusive with its use. Their goal has been large companies so far, but security specialists warn that it is only a matter of time before private victims become the victims. All because now almost everyone, thanks to quite simple to use software, is able to create an image or recording imitating a human voice or appearance.

The growing technology giants, Facebook, Microsoft and others, decided to address this growing problem by announcing work on the Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC), which is to encourage the industry to create new methods to detect such manipulation and prevent the spread of false information. The challenge involves the involvement of paid actors to create a deepfake database, which will then be available to people who want to get involved and use it to create deepfake detection software.

The list of challenge participants is already The Partnership on AI and scientists from College Park, Cornell Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University at Albany-SUNY, University of California, Berkeley, University of Maryland and University of Oxford tech advices. And no wonder, because the DFDC challenge provides grants and prizes, for which Facebook itself has allocated $ 10 million – the program will start at the end of this year and will last until the end of March 2020. Why is such a short time foreseen? Well, the problem is urgent, especially in the face of next year’s presidential election in the United States, which will certainly be a very big challenge for many technological giants.

And if under the DFDC you can actually work out some effective solutions, then the corporations will still have a lot of time to implement them and prepare for the fight against the wave of deepfakes, which in the fall of 2020 will certainly flood the network (all the more so that legislators now are pushing large companies to present a fighting strategy for that time). What’s more, DFDC raises some key questions about how to regulate this technology and what is the right way to use it.

However, not everyone likes this approach, especially since Facebook and Microsoft call deepfak any material modified by artificial intelligence that was created to mislead others. And although this is about a deliberate change, some Internet users are afraid that this definition may also include, for example, memes and other satirical activities, which in turn may lead to another restriction of artistic freedom on the web. Similar conclusions are presented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which indicates that any top-down attempt to regulate deepfake technology can lead to unwanted censorship, and none of the automatic methods presented so far is able to effectively distinguish satire or parody from actual deepfake materials. What is your opinion? Do we need initiatives like Facebook and Microsoft, or do they themselves carry too much risk?


The largest 5G test network in Poland has just started in Warsaw

For a long time, we have all been waiting for universal access to the future 5G network, and the first advanced test network of this type launched in the capital city brings us closer to this desired goal.

Yesterday we informed that the president had signed an act on the development of telecommunications services and networks, which should significantly facilitate the creation of the infrastructure needed for 5G in our country, and today we learn that Warsaw, thanks to Orange Polska and Ericsson, is already testing the network, generated by 9 base stations on Warsaw Ochota and Powiśle, which allows you to download data at a speed of close to 900 Mb / s.

According to the press office of the said operator, this is the first such large 5G tests in Poland, checking the latest technology in urban conditions. According to Jean-François Fallacher, President of Orange Polska: – Today we are one step closer to launching the Polish fifth generation mobile network. We are technologically ready for this challenge. After over two years of testing in laboratories and the area, we have launched a network operating in the capital torrent links catalog. We will invite our clients to test it, to whom we will provide 5G smartphones, produced especially for Orange.

– Ericsson is a pioneer in the introduction of 5G technology worldwide. We will now implement this modern solution in the heart of Warsaw. Cooperation with Orange Polska and our continuous investments in Poland contribute to the growth of 5G innovation, making Poland one of the leading 5G countries in Europe – adds Martin Mellor, head of Ericsson in Poland.

The devices forming the test network operate on the basis of the 80 MHz channel in the 3.4 – 3.6 GHz band, which was provided by the Office of Electronic Communications, because this band is to be used to launch the 5G network in Poland. The base stations have been placed in such a way that it is possible to move between them without breaking the connection with 5G. Orange ensures that the solutions used allow data to be transferred via 5G technology integrated with the Orange backbone fiber network, with which all base stations are connected by an optical link with a throughput of 10 Gb / s, which allows data download at speeds up to 1 Gb / s.


Send your DNA to the moon and save humanity from destruction with LifeShip

Probably most of us will never be honored to land on the moon. However, all is not lost. LifeShip wants, in a sense, to allow us to fly there, and basically our unique genome.

Representatives of the company say that thanks to their idea, every inhabitant of our planet, who has $ 99 on sale, can send to the natural satellite of our planet the most important part of themselves, in the form of DNA, and allow it to survive there for millions of years.

LifeShip wants to create a bank of human genomes on a foreign object in the event of a global disaster. On the surface of the moon, DNA samples will be safe, and when you need to replicate the human species, you’ll be able to use this genetic treasury of knowledge. Then scientists will use our DNA. This vision is supposed to be a great lure for customers and encourage them to take advantage of this interesting offer top web guides.

“People will be able to look up at the moon and feel connected to all life, and realize that they are part of Earth’s great history. It is possible that life came to Earth from deep in space. Perhaps we are now in a moment where we can sow our own lives at objects that are closest to us crossing the Solar System. “My company wants to make it possible for reasonable money,” said Ben Haldeman, LifeShip project promoter and founder of Planet Labs.

Each genome is to be placed in a special capsule and then embedded in amber, which will protect it against the extreme conditions on the surface of the Silver Globe. Into space, thousands of DNA samples will be taken aboard the lander, which will go there on top of the Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX. The company plans to take off landers with capsules filled with genomes every six months.

This is not the first idea of ​​this type. In April, a private Israeli lander called Beresheet crashed on the moon. On board were genome samples of 25 species of terrestrial creatures and hundreds of tardigrades, small invertebrates, which are considered alien life forms because they can survive in the most extreme conditions.


IBM says that in 3 years artificial intelligence will deprive 120 million people of work

The company has commissioned extensive research related to the future of the development of artificial intelligence and its impact on the labor market. It turns out that the problem of soaring unemployment is a matter of several years, not decades.

More and more global technology giants are putting on robotization in their factories, because the latest technologies result in great savings. After all, robots don’t get sick, don’t take holidays, don’t whine, and can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, IBM reports a global disaster associated with cheap workforce in the form of intelligent robots.

The solution to this biggest problem of the 21st century may be better employee training. The whole snag is that even 5 years ago such courses lasted only 3 days and were fully sufficient, and today production is carried out at such an advanced technological level that it takes even over a month. It’s a lot of time, and time is money. In this respect, money is lost for companies.

That is why companies are increasingly using production automation systems. The problem is that this involves losing a job to many people. IBM specialists say that in the next three years as many as 120 million people will lose their jobs worldwide.

IBM says artificial intelligence will rob 120 million people in 3 years. Fig. Maxpixel.

There are several solutions to this global problem. There is talk of guaranteed basic income, ordinary people having robots that will work for them and work on them, as well as better training people and taxing robots. One thing is certain, if governments do not do something quickly in this matter, then within a decade or two we can have another 2 billion unemployed around the world, and we must know that already 1/3 of humanity lives in poverty, and the total assets of half civilization is in the hands of only a few of the richest people.

Looking through the prism of recent years of the complete lack of ideas from national governments to solve the problems of robotization of industry, everything indicates that in the future the rich will be richer and the poor will be even poorer. Technological progress will not solve the basic issues of the quality of life of people on the planet, but will only allow to enrich a small group of people even more. This fact should not come as a surprise, after all, we live in a world where concerns have become as powerful as the largest countries and they set the conditions according to the economic principle, maximize profits while minimizing costs darknethub.


Solved the mystery of “indestructible” manuscripts from the bottom of the Dead Sea

A team of scientists from MIT, led by Admir Masic, developed a non-invasive research technique that finally answered the question why the records of over 2,000 years have been preserved in such good condition.

This is very important for at least two reasons, first of all we will learn more about the ways of making parchments in antiquity, and secondly we will be able to better protect these relics of the past for future generations. It cannot be denied that the biggest problem of ancient finds, especially all kinds of entries on paper, papyrus or parchment, is their fragility – it is better not even to think how many valuable works or even entire libraries have been destroyed by millennia of our history.

However, as it turns out, some ancient writers have the art of preserving their notes in such a way that they have survived to our times. One of the best examples are manuscripts from the Dead Sea (also known as manuscripts from Qumran, Dead Sea scrolls, manuscripts from the Dead Sea or manuscripts from the Dead Sea), i.e. a collection of documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, found in 1947–1956 in 11 caves near the ruins of Kumran in the West Bank.

It is estimated that they were hidden there in the first century AD (their origin dates back to the period from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD) to protect them from the Romans when they invaded and destroyed the settlement of Kumran during the Jewish war (66-73 AD) technologius. This combination of religious texts, some of which were created long before the foundation of the settlement, quickly became an international sensation, which unfortunately led to the destruction of some of them.

Local people were able to cut them to pieces and sell them to tourists as souvenirs, and scientists too quickly wanted to know their content and translate them – on the one hand, it allowed to shed new light on certain historical events, but on the other hand it ended with great damage to these priceless artifacts . Fortunately, not at all, because some of them have been preserved in extremely good condition – according to MIT researchers, the temple scroll is 7.6 meters long, which is the clearest and whitest of all, despite the fact that it only has 0.1 mm thick.

It was on it that scientists decided to focus and, thanks to non-invasive X-rays and Raman spectroscopy, scanned the document to create its high-resolution chemical map. Thanks to this, sodium sulfates were discovered as a product of brine evaporation, and since the document had never been in the hands of conservation experts, everything on it has remained unpolluted. This is very important, because it was the chemical composition that allowed to state that this particular document was created from dried animal skin, which was softened, stretched and dried on a special frame, and then rubbed with a salt mixture to create a smoother and whiter writing surface – as now also turns out to be more resistant to external factors.

Interestingly, however, the salt composition should in this case be like a fingerprint, clearly indicating the place of origin of the brine, but … the document does not agree with the composition of the Dead Sea. In short, research provides answers to one question, but also raises more: – Research goes far beyond the Dead Sea scrolls. For example, they show that during the early days of making parchments in the Middle East, many different techniques were used, which is a serious contrast to the one used in the Middle Ages. The study also identifies initial treatments, providing historians and conservators with a new set of analytical tools to study ancient scrolls, the study authors say.


India lost contact with the Vikram lander, which was to settle on the moon

Sad news comes to us from the service of the Chandrayaan-2 mission. The Indian government has sent a lander and rover to the moon to explore the South Pole. Unfortunately, the mission failed.

The Vikram lander and Pragyan rover were to land on the surface of the Silver Globe on exactly September 6. The rover, during its 14-day mission, was to travel a few hundred meters on the surface of the planet’s natural satellite. Scientists wanted to use it to take thousands of photos of the Moon and make important measurements that will be useful when planning and implementing subsequent missions, including manned ones.

The Indian Space Agency has reported that they already know the exact location of the device and are currently undergoing attempts to connect with it, but engineers do not hide that the chances of this are slim. The President of India thanked all the mission staff and the companies involved in this great undertaking. At the same time, he announced that his country would not rest in the efforts to conquer the moon and soon began preparations for the implementation of the next mission.

India has ambitious plans for Earth’s orbit, the Moon and Mars. For some time they have been preparing for the first manned flight, which may take place in the second half of the 1920s net oasis. Before this happens, ISRO plans to send the first astronauts to Earth’s orbit in 2022. This year was not chosen by accident. Then the 75th anniversary of India regaining independence will take place. If everything goes according to plan, this country will join the elite of the countries of the world that sent their citizens into space.

The Indian Space Research Organization already has a first flight plan ready. During it, three astronauts, two men and one woman, will fly into orbit, to a height of about 400 kilometers, in a 3.7-ton capsule called Gaganyaan. The space adventure will last 7 days and is to be the foundation for the implementation of much larger space plans.


Facebook will remove the counter next to “Like” for the mental health of users

If you belong to a group of people who are often nervous about the number of likes on Facebook posts, then we have good news, because maybe soon the appropriate counter will be visible only to the author of the post.

It cannot be hidden that the likes counter is one of the key elements of the news feed, i.e. the Facebook board, which displays the activities of our friends, as well as the pages we observe. For people who like to know what posts are the most popular, it is very important, but for a long time there is also talk about its destructive impact, especially on young people techboss. Although, as recent research suggests, there is no relationship between social media abuse and depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts, probably each of us once felt the pressure associated with them.

Teens are constantly encouraged to publish popular posts and compare themselves with peers, which often suffers from their confidence. In this context, deleting the likes counter could have positive effects, although there are also voices from another site that say that given the large outflow of Facebook users, such a radical step can be a nail in his casket. Either way, as Jane Manchun Wong is always well-informed on Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s is already testing this option.

We remind you that it is the same person who in April discovered that Facebook is working on restoring the Chat tool, and then first pointed out that the likes counter could disappear from another large site, namely Instagram. Now it is about Facebook, and more specifically its Android application – this feature is not yet available to users, but as confirmed by the representative of the concern service TechCrunch, this option to hide the likes counter is seriously taken into account.

And it will probably come into effect eventually, because as tests from Instagram show, there are more positive effects than negative ones. By the way, it should be noted that the user publishing the post will still know how many people clicked on Like and who it was, except that the others instead of numbers will see only a few thumbnails and the text “and others”. The change is serious, but considering that it is currently being tested in Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland and Japan, you have to focus on it.


Juul unlawfully urges young people to reach for e-cigarettes?

It seems that the topic of e-cigarettes will stay with us for longer, because there are new reports regularly on this topic. These stimulants are becoming more and more controversial from year to year slick tricks. And for good reason.

We just wrote about the first confirmed death of electronic cigarettes, some time ago we published studies showing that e-liquids have a destructive effect on blood vessel cells, even if they do not contain nicotine, and a moment later San Francisco was the first in the world to ban e-cigarettes and this despite the fact that it is here that one of the largest national concerns dealing with their production is located, i.e. Juul.

And now it turns out that the latter will have more problems, because his activity has just come under the magnifying glass of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and all by suspicion of deceptive advertising practices directed at the teenage audience. And since recently the share of young people in the e-cigarette market is constantly growing, because those are advertised as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and are more socially accepted, the relevant services are highly sensitive to this.

Juul, however, assures that none of his marketing campaigns are aimed at attracting teenagers and reminds of his actions that are aimed at reducing smoking among minors – last year, for example, he announced plans to use Bluetooth to create special geoplot around schools that would prevent the use of e-cigarettes in these areas. However, it seems that the Federal Trade Commission is not satisfied with the company’s activities to date and has decided to conduct a special investigation focused on the company’s advertising practices.

The FTC believes that Juul may be involved in deceptive marketing practices by targeting sales to young people, intentionally hiring influencers to promote their products. Juul claims that the paid influencer program has never been formalized, and its scale was small and its life span very short. More specifically, the company ensures that it has paid less than $ 10,000 less than 10 adults (over 30) for promoting its products. In addition, the company adds that it fully cooperates with any government agency and complies with regulations, but it is not yet known whether the FTC will consider these assurances sufficient.


Innovative VTOL from Bell Helicopter in the first autonomous journey

A transport vehicle with the catchy name Autonomous Pod Transport 70 (abbreviated APT 70) has just reached an extremely important milestone, namely it made its first solo flight in the American city of Fort Worth in Texas.

Autonomous Pod Transport 70 from Bell Helicopter is a small flying vehicle of the VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) type, i.e. enabling vertical take-off and landing, for which 4 rotors are responsible. And what is so special about it? Its creators hope that the prototype will soon change into an autonomous vehicle for commercial use, and more specifically moving packages noob homepage.

The APT 70 travels at a maximum speed of over 160 kilometers per hour and can carry loads of up to 30 kilograms, which perfectly fits the needs of online stores, humanitarian or rescue operations. Due to the specific way of flying, and more specifically the ability to change the orientation from vertical (take-off and landing) to horizontal, it is much faster than other similar solutions, and it does not differ from the competition in size or energy consumption.

It is worth noting that the Bell Helicopter aims with the APT 70 to successfully stimulate the commercial mission as part of NASA Systems Integration and Operationalization sometime in the middle of next year. This demonstration aims to show that efficient applications can be created that allow central control and avoidance of obstacles, which is currently the biggest obstacle to the introduction of commercial autonomous flights in the United States. What’s more, Bell is also cooperating with the Japanese logistics company Yamato and hopes that by the middle of next year it will have its first collaborative project ready for customers implementing deliveries.