BAE Systems presents an autonomous boat with a machine gun

I do not think anyone has any doubts as to where the development of military technologies is going, including artificial intelligence and robots. The British defense company showed its autonomous boat equipped with deadly weapons.

Pacific 950 is a hybrid boat that combines the advantages of a pontoon and a boat. It was created with the aim of providing even greater maritime safety for the British Navy. It can independently swim across water bodies for up to 10 days and cover up to 556 kilometers at that time. A fully automatic stabilized machine gun system with a caliber of 12.7 millimeters was installed on its beak. The army revealed that although the rifle is controlled by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the human operator takes the final decision about taking the shot.

The boat has the most modern environmental monitoring systems, including visible and infrared cameras. Despite the full autonomy of the boat, operators will watch over their every mission. Of course, these are temporary activities to better train intelligent systems. In the near future, the boats will already perform the recommended tasks themselves, which will consist in observing the sea, detecting the threat and attempting to eliminate it.

Autonomous systems in the army are aimed at reducing injuries and even protecting the lives of soldiers. If, in sum, such automatic and repetitive activities can be carried out by robots, why unnecessarily expose people’s lives. Pacific 950 boats will soon participate in REPMUS military maneuvers organized by NATO in Portugal. If they write for a medal, and certainly will, they will find equipment for the army in the next few months.