Cinema on the go: watching films on vacation

An endless seeming car drive with lots of traffic jam and whining children in the back seat – not a pleasant scenario, but unfortunately just during the holiday time always sad reality. There are so many great films just waiting to drive away the boredom on arrival and at the same time are a great way to have evening entertainment.

Streaming is the magic word and who thinks of stripes on the windowpane, should read this article very carefully, because we explain today, as well as on vacation does not have to do without real Hollywood blockbusters, TV highlights and series. For this, we show various options that are currently available to view online movies directly or to download them to your tablet or smartphone.

Before the film fun on vacation can start now, we would like to conclude by giving two important tips .

Tip 1: We strongly advise against the use of illegal portals for the free streaming of content of all kinds, because Internet piracy is not a trivial offense, but a criminal offense and is punished by the law.

Tip 2: If you are unsure whether Wi-Fi is made available at your holiday resort and you do not want to overstrain your mobile data volume, you should consider at home which movies or TV shows you would like to watch on vacation and then download them in advance. This saves frustration at the resort and additionally awakens the anticipation of the approaching vacation.

The simplest and probably most cost-effective variant of mobile movie enjoyment can be found in the numerous media libraries, which are provided by both the public and the private television stations. It usually contains not only the archived television program, but also current broadcasts can be streamed comfortably or even download directly. Fans of daily aired series, such. The media libraries are not only a good option for fans of series, but also a real win for quiz friends, and crime scene supporters.


The market leader in online video streaming services is Netflix and offers a very wide range of services, especially in the English-speaking market. Initially launched as an online video store, Netflix now also produces series and films, such as “House of Cards” or “Orange is the new black”, which are also enjoying growing popularity in Germany. Compared to other paid network video stores, such. For example, Maxdome, Watchever or Hulu Netflix is ​​one of the laggards in Germany, but this is in terms of variety and price-performance ratio in every way. For which of the providers film and serial fans ultimately decide, however, should be well considered, because there are both series and films, which are only available at one of the services. It is worthwhile, then, before completing a paid subscription, to see if the favorite series or movie is also available on that platform.

Amazon Video (Prime)

The shipping giants from the US probably knows almost everyone in this country, but that in the Amazon Prime subscription also an extensive streaming offer is included, has only in recent years as a serious competition to the popular streaming services prevailed. The film and series repertoire can certainly keep up with the competition and it will, as well as Netflix, already own productions, such as the gritty science fiction series “The Man in the High Castle” rotated. The big advantage that Amazon Video brings over other providers is that it is included in the Prime subscription. So if you already own such a subscription, Amazon Video can be used without any additional costs. The disadvantage of this is, of course, that Amazon’s prime offer is generally associated with higher costs,

Google Play and iTunes

If you own a smartphone, you will automatically have one of them: GooglePlay is installed on mobile phones with an Android operating system, and iTunes can be found in Apple users. However, not only films and series, but also apps, ebooks and even newspapers and magazines can be downloaded. The big difference to the other streaming options presented here is the payment system, which does not provide for a flat-rate subscription on GooglePlay and iTunes. Thus, no monthly contribution is paid, but the user must pay a certain contribution per content. This means that each movie and episode of a series must be downloaded, streamed, and paid for separately.


FMovies is a leader in free movie streaming. Everyday website is updated with hundreds of newest movies and episodes of popular tv series. It doesn’t contain ads and doesn’t require registration. You can watch your favorite tv shows or just released movies in safe and legal way.

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