Clothes containing graphene can be a prescription for a mosquito problem

Is it possible to find another application for this wonderful material of the future? It looks like this because scientists have observed that mosquitoes in his presence behave quite differently than normal.

Graphene has long been recognized as a supermaterial that can revolutionize many industries, and according to the latest research, one of them is the production of special-purpose clothing, namely mosquito repellent. Researchers at Brown University have found that graphene clothing is not only a physical barrier for mosquitoes, but also changes the behavior of insects by blocking the chemical signals luring bloodsuckers tech guides.

They say, “With graphene, mosquitoes didn’t even land on the skin – they just seemed to ignore it. We assumed that this material would be a physical barrier for mosquitoes, but when we started testing, it turned out that it was also a chemical barrier, thanks to which mosquitoes do not sense our presence. During the research, some volunteers had skin covered with thin material, and some with material covering graphene – the latter did not have a single bite on their body. “

However, it should be remembered that graphene oxide is losing its effectiveness when wet, which is the natural habitat of mosquitoes. Insects in such circumstances were able to break through the material with graphene, which is why scientists had to reach for graphene with reduced oxygen (rGO), which turned out to be a bull’s-eye, both dry and wet. Unfortunately, this one has its drawbacks, namely, it is airtight, so it is difficult to imagine its use in special clothing and thus commercialization.

Therefore, researchers continue their efforts and the next stage of their work will be to stabilize classic graphene so that it retains its properties after wetting. “The next stage of work should bring us the full benefits of air permeability and protection against bites,” adds Robert Hurt from Brown University. So when can we expect the first clothes with graphene that we will take under the tent? It is hard to say, but one thing is certain, we will look forward to them.