Facebook will remove the counter next to “Like” for the mental health of users

If you belong to a group of people who are often nervous about the number of likes on Facebook posts, then we have good news, because maybe soon the appropriate counter will be visible only to the author of the post.

It cannot be hidden that the likes counter is one of the key elements of the news feed, i.e. the Facebook board, which displays the activities of our friends, as well as the pages we observe. For people who like to know what posts are the most popular, it is very important, but for a long time there is also talk about its destructive impact, especially on young people techboss. Although, as recent research suggests, there is no relationship between social media abuse and depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts, probably each of us once felt the pressure associated with them.

Teens are constantly encouraged to publish popular posts and compare themselves with peers, which often suffers from their confidence. In this context, deleting the likes counter could have positive effects, although there are also voices from another site that say that given the large outflow of Facebook users, such a radical step can be a nail in his casket. Either way, as Jane Manchun Wong is always well-informed on Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s is already testing this option.

We remind you that it is the same person who in April discovered that Facebook is working on restoring the Chat tool, and then first pointed out that the likes counter could disappear from another large site, namely Instagram. Now it is about Facebook, and more specifically its Android application – this feature is not yet available to users, but as confirmed by the representative of the concern service TechCrunch, this option to hide the likes counter is seriously taken into account.

And it will probably come into effect eventually, because as tests from Instagram show, there are more positive effects than negative ones. By the way, it should be noted that the user publishing the post will still know how many people clicked on Like and who it was, except that the others instead of numbers will see only a few thumbnails and the text “and others”. The change is serious, but considering that it is currently being tested in Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland and Japan, you have to focus on it.