How to Watch Movies Online Without Ads?

I have written several articles on the subject of streaming : how to watch a movie in streaming without registration, where to find a streaming site to watch movies and series in HD or HDRIP quality, where to see streaming football matches etc… For reminder, here is the definition of streaming: it is a digital technology that allows you to play online multimedia content (video and audio in particular) without having to download and store them on your device.

I always emphasize the multiplicity of the legal offers of streaming proposed today (contrary to what was done at the beginning of the web ) as the legal platforms of multimedia content online. Be it Netflix, OCS, VOD sites or catch-up TV sites. But I also know very well that what searchers are looking for is not paid content. They seek above all sites of free streaming (even as the question of the legality of streaming with respect to copyright) to read their media online for free.

One of the main criticisms (sometimes insults) that I am made about these articles: the links in the articles do not lead to free streaming sites containing ads. So I decided to go into the subject of ad-free streaming, starting from the premise that it existed. But does free streaming really exist? Can you really watch movies online without ads? What are the tips or techniques to use to read content online for free without ads?

Why Do Free Streaming Sites Show Ads?

The reason for the presence of online advertising on streaming sites or P2P sites is simple. It’s a way to make money. Or a lot of money for the biggest, most popular streaming sites. The provision of multimedia content is not paid on these sites (copyright infringement), you can well imagine that there is eel rock. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If it’s free, it is the product”?

This advertising can pay the cost of hosting the website, but the owners of such sites also derive large financial profits. You may tell me, perhaps, that this site also displays advertising via the Ezoic website intelligence platform . Of course, but here the published contents are not illegal and I do not make a profit on the back of the creators of contents or their rights holders…
Big streaming platforms (Netflix , OCS , Amazon Prime Video for online video, Spotify , Deezer or Apple music for listening to music online) do not earn their income from internet advertising (except of course for offers free) but their monthly subscriptions. They are much more profitable than the profits from advertising agencies. On the other hand, they pay the creators and the rights holders of these contents, each work deserving salary.

The answer is easy, if you want to watch movies online for free, you should use one of the paid platforms or one of the recommended streaming websites, with small amount ads or you can install adblock.


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