Innovative VTOL from Bell Helicopter in the first autonomous journey

A transport vehicle with the catchy name Autonomous Pod Transport 70 (abbreviated APT 70) has just reached an extremely important milestone, namely it made its first solo flight in the American city of Fort Worth in Texas.

Autonomous Pod Transport 70 from Bell Helicopter is a small flying vehicle of the VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) type, i.e. enabling vertical take-off and landing, for which 4 rotors are responsible. And what is so special about it? Its creators hope that the prototype will soon change into an autonomous vehicle for commercial use, and more specifically moving packages noob homepage.

The APT 70 travels at a maximum speed of over 160 kilometers per hour and can carry loads of up to 30 kilograms, which perfectly fits the needs of online stores, humanitarian or rescue operations. Due to the specific way of flying, and more specifically the ability to change the orientation from vertical (take-off and landing) to horizontal, it is much faster than other similar solutions, and it does not differ from the competition in size or energy consumption.

It is worth noting that the Bell Helicopter aims with the APT 70 to successfully stimulate the commercial mission as part of NASA Systems Integration and Operationalization sometime in the middle of next year. This demonstration aims to show that efficient applications can be created that allow central control and avoidance of obstacles, which is currently the biggest obstacle to the introduction of commercial autonomous flights in the United States. What’s more, Bell is also cooperating with the Japanese logistics company Yamato and hopes that by the middle of next year it will have its first collaborative project ready for customers implementing deliveries.