Medicine Genetic modifications in China will make children there be geniuses

Everything points to the fact that in the near future China will become a land of geniuses, all due to common genetic modifications that will significantly increase children’s intellectual abilities.

The Middle Kingdom is now the absolute pioneer in the world of the subject of genetic modification on humans. The local law in this matter is extremely liberal, and the last loud illegal genetic modifications in the world made on several children, although for many controversial, because unethical and immoral, really opened the door to the future of designing and creating supermen.

The Chinese government, on the one hand, is dulling the samowolkÄ™ in genetic experimentation on people, but on the other supports billions of dollars scientific institutions and scientists themselves. In the following years, dozens of new laboratories will be created in this country, which will specialize in genetic experiments on humans. Authorities do not hide that they want to use the latest achievements of medicine to create a new, intellectually improved society of geniuses, which will be much more efficiently functioning in favor of the country’s bright future.

The introduction to research on the implementation of this vision was to be conducted by experiments conducted by a Chinese scientist, He Jiankuigen. He modified the genetic makeup of three children, removing the CCR5 gene from embryos. This provided the children with better learning and creating memories. It is safe to say that they will be small geniuses who in the future will feed many of their scientific institutions with their intellect and will contribute to faster technological development of the country. Of course, this is just the beginning of this type of experimentation, but the trail has already been cleared and you can not stop it.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, this type of research is forbidden and there is no indication that it will change in the near future. Looking at this issue through the prism of China’s plan, America and Europe are already falling far behind, and in a few years will no longer be important in the development of genetic modification techniques in living organisms. This means that if in a few years China begins to carry out universal programs of genetic modification in children, which will happen on the bank, it will create a terrifying intellectual gap between Asia and the rest of the world that can not be eradicated.