New Amazon promotion Lots of bargains on Blu-ray – from After Passion to Crawl

New Amazon promotion: Lots of bargains on Blu-ray – from “After Passion” to “Crawl”

New week, new snapper: At the online retailer Amazon you can now get 6 Blu-rays for 40 euros – with a wide selection. Among others: “Upgrade”, “Jurassic World 2”, “After Passion”, “Crawl” and the “Jay.”

Just in time for the start of the week, Amazon is attracting again, befittingly, with new promotions – also in the home cinema segment. A good opportunity to expand your Blu-ray collection with numerous highlights from recent years. Because the current offer is already relatively cheap:

Click here for the promotion: 6 Blu-rays for 40 euros *

Click here for the promotion: 6 Blu-rays for 40 euros *

Simply put the items you want in the shopping cart and checkout as soon as you have six or more films together. The discount is automatically deducted before completing the order.

These highlights are included

You can get part of the promotion and thus extrapolated for less than 7 euros each, in addition to “After Passion” (the sequel “After Truth” comes to the cinema on September 3rd), Kevin Smith’s “Jay And Silent Bob Reboot” or “Beverly Hills” Cop ”trilogy, as mentioned at the beginning, also a lot of films from the past years that we can recommend to you. We have therefore collected some highlights for you again:

each for less than 7 euros

“Erasure” – Netflix ’sci-fi masterpiece, which is now also available on disc for anyone without a subscription (5 stars)


“Crawl” – exciting animal horror – and one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films 2019 (3 123MOVIES.5 stars)


“The Collini Case” – a court thriller with a highly emotional and gripping narrative with Elyas M’Barek (3.5 stars)

“The Collini Case”



“Green Brook” – feel-good road movie named best film of the year at the Oscars 2019 (4 stars)

“Green Brook”

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” – masterful agent cinema with Tom Cruise (4.5 stars)

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout”

“Rocketman” – atmospheric musical film about Elton John (3.5 stars)


“Upgrade” – brutal sci-fi action fireworks (4 stars)