Perfect leading actor found for Jack Reacher series This is Tom Cruises successor

Perfect leading actor found for “Jack Reacher” series: This is Tom Cruise’s successor

It has long been known that after the two “Jack Reacher” films an Amazon series without Tom Cruise in the title role is to come. It is now certain that the i.a. Alan Ritchson known from “Titans” will follow in the footsteps of the Hollywood star.

Tom Cruise played the ex-military policeman Jack Reacher, investigating dangerous cases, in two movies. And although the action-tested Cruise cut a fine figure in “Jack Reacher” and “Jack Reacher: No Going Back”, many fans of Lee Child’s novels could not really make friends with the cast, but Reacher is rated 1.96 in the books Meter tall and over 100 kilograms heavy giant described, while Cruise measures just 1.70 meters.

For the “Jack Reacher” Amazon series, which we announced a while ago and which we are now getting instead of a third movie, we have already promised to do justice to the title hero from the original. And with the announcement of the main actor, this promise has now been kept:

Alan Ritchson will play Jack Reacher in the series of the same name. The US industry journals report unanimously.

Alan Ritchson will play Jack Reacher in the series of the same name.

This is Alan Ritchson

Actor, singer and model Alan Ritchson comes very close to the physical key data of his novel counterpart with his muscular 1.88 meters yesmovies.

muscle-bound 1.88 meters

As the star of the funny Grindhouse series “Blood Drive” and as Hank Hall alias Hawk in the DC series “Titans” (by the way, not his only DC), he has proven that he also exudes charm as well as being able to distribute it properly -Role, he played Arthur Curry alias Aquaman in four episodes of the Superman prequel series “Smallville” early in his career.

Ritchson also achieved greater fame as a regular cast member in the football comedy series “Blue Mountain State”, which ran on MTV in this country.

He appeared on the big screen as Gloss in “The Hunger Games 2 – Catching Fire” and in the comedy “Die Trauzeugen AG”. He also provided the motion capture template and voice for Raphael in the Michael Bay-produced “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” films from 2014 and 2016.

That’s what the “Jack Reacher” series is all about

After the 9th and 18th volumes of the soon to be 25-part novel series were used as models for the “Jack Reacher” canvas adventure, the first season of the series is now to include the very first volume “Megalomania” * (in the original: “Killing Floor ”) as a basis and thus roll up the whole thing from the beginning – at least more or less. Because although “megalomania” was published as the first “Jack Reacher” novel, it only comes fourth in the chronology of the storyline.

the first season of the series should now take the very first volume “megalomania” * (in the original: “Killing Floor”) as a basis

In the book, Reacher is arrested in a small town in the US state of Georgia shortly after his arrival for allegedly murdering. He then tries to prove his innocence and to find the real culprits.

Mainly responsible for “Jack Reacher” is “The Fugitive” maker and “Prison Break” episode writer Nick Santora (who will soon be taking care of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first major series appearance). In addition to Santora, Lee Child himself and Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the first “Jack Reacher” film, are also involved as producers on the series.

It is not yet known when “Jack Reacher” will appear on Amazon Prime Video.

When “Jack Reacher” will appear on Amazon Prime Video is not yet known.

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