Pornhub records cosmic interest in adult films with Strangers

It seems that the Facebook event Storm Area 51, which assumes an organized assault on a closely guarded military base, which gathered 1.5 million people, has strongly sparked interest in contacts with extraterrestrials.

Also very intimate, because, as Pornhub informs, many people are preparing for this event by watching appropriate videos for adults 🙂 And as you can guess, there are many more than those who will actually appear on September 20 at the military base in Nevada to force the authorities to reveal secrets hidden on the spot, i.e. aliens and their technologies, as attempts to convince us of conspiracy theories.

Pornhub reports that since July 12, recorded a huge increase in searches for the term “Area 51”, i.e. from zero to 160,000 in just 4 days – only 16 July, the relevant searches were 59 thousand. At this point, the service statisticians decided to take a closer look at the matter, that is also other searches related to the subject of strangers, and it turned out that it was a surprisingly popular genre, even before facebook action, because every day adult movies about space themes are looking for over 30,000 people.

After the memes and all the turmoil caused by the assault on Zone 51, the popularity of these searches has even skyrocketed – by 217% on July 2, and then by 199% about two weeks later, on July 15. When it comes to specific searches, the “alien impregnation” and “alien sex” are unrivaled, and then we find the “alien belly” (maybe a reference to one scene from the iconic Alien of 1979?), “Alien eggs”, “alien abduction” “And” alien probe “.

Interestingly, these searches are 33% more popular among women than men and for 67% of them the age group 18-24 corresponds (popularity decreases with increasing age). As far as searches in the context of specific countries are concerned, they are not the most popular in the United States – admittedly, an increase of 25% was noted here, but the Czechs turned out to be unrivaled, because here an increase of 67% was noted. How about us? It seems that the Poles are also interested in this topic because we are talking about an increase in the number of searches at the level of 12%. More detailed data (see here).