A giant drawing of a 2000-year-old cat was discovered in Nazca This one of the most mysterious areas of our planet has just surprised us again. Another intriguing drawing was discovered there. It's strange that no one has noticed him in the last decades.

The drawings from Nazca fascinate and at the same time make many of us wonder about their extraterrestrial origin. Scientists believe that these geometric figures were created by the inhabitants of this region several thousand years ago. We created memes on the internet, and they made drawings in the hills.

Another geoglyph discovered a few days ago is large and presents a cat. Archaeologists say that it is 37 meters long. Amazingly, the drawing is located on the slope of the most famous mountain on the Nazca plateau. It is here that there is a popular viewpoint, from which there tipsbeast a beautiful view of the geoglyphs.

How did nobody notice him? It was hidden under a thick layer of dust due to rock erosion. It was discovered by workers who were carrying out maintenance works on the viewpoint. They informed the archaeologists about their find, who immediately went to the site and restored it to its former glory.

The newest one, which shows a cat, looks very interesting. The cat has pointed ears, four legs and a tail. Some see another creature there. The geoglyph is supposed to be a combination of a cat and a reptile. The latter is in the cat's tail and looks like a crocodile. There are also those who do not see a cat there, only a tyrannosaur rex or a kangaroo with a cat's head.

Scientists point out that they've always missed the cat's geoglyph. They knew it had to be there somewhere, but they didn't expect it to be right on their feet. Paracas cultures existed from 200 to 100 BC and used cat images very often in their works.