First breakfast, then coffee ... never the other way around, because there will be no effect After a bad night, many people only dream of a huge cup of strong coffee, which will wake them up a little, but as it turns out, this is not the best way to start the day.

New research from the British University of Bath suggests that in this way we unknowingly hurt ourselves, because strong coffee drunk on an empty stomach weakens the body's response to glucose, so it is definitely better to eat breakfast first and then eat a small or large black coffee. - We know that almost half of us, after waking up in the morning, drink coffee before doing anything else - intuitively, the more tired we feel, the stronger we are. This research is important and has far-reaching health implications because we had very little understanding of what coffee does to our body, more specifically to metabolism and blood sugar control, explains one author, James Betts.

The study involved 29 healthy adults, each tasked with completing three different net oasis experiments. A control experiment allowed them an uninterrupted night's sleep before drinking a sweet drink designed to replicate the caloric content of breakfast. This allowed the researchers to collect blood samples and establish the baseline glucose and insulin responses of each participant. The other two experiments involved waking the participants up every hour at night - then they were given the same sweetened drink, but in one trial it was preceded by strong black coffee.

Interestingly, scientists did not find any changes in the glucose / insulin response after one night with interrupted sleep, which is interesting because other recent studies show that metabolic dysfunction occurs after such a single episode. Researchers speculate that perhaps the nature of their sleep interruption is not sufficient alone to initiate metabolic dysfunction. The subjects were awakened every hour for exactly 5 minutes, while in other studies the sleep breaks lasted up to an hour or two. Harry Smith, leading the new study, suggests that this result should be encouraging for people who care about their sleep hygiene but occasionally experience single episodes of sleeplessness or interrupted sleep - in which case glucose is working properly.

However, if we start the day with strong coffee after a bad night, we will see a negative effect on glucose metabolism, which will deteriorate by about 50%. In such a situation, we should try to balance the benefits of the stimulating effect of coffee in the morning and the high blood glucose levels by waiting for breakfast to drink coffee, Smith explains. By the way, he also explains that there is a lot to discover before we get a good understanding of the relationship between sleep and metabolism. For example, it is still unclear how many interruptions and interruptions during sleep are needed to influence metabolism. Anyway, one thing we can do now - let's take care of sleep hygiene, and if we have to drink strong black coffee in the morning, let's do it after breakfast, because high blood sugar levels persist for a long time lead to organ damage and many diseases that we want. avoid.