See how the Chinese army is testing a massive kamikaze drone attack on targets The Army of the Middle Kingdom is growing in strength very quickly. The government focuses on autonomous aerial vehicles, thanks to which you can attack any target and destroy it with incredible precision. Check it out in the video.

The China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology (CAEIT) recently had drones that could take off from the ground at its disposal. The latest test, however, was carried out using a specially modified Dongfeng Mengshi truck equipped with a 45-tube drone battery. A helicopter with small launchers also appeared in action.

The army definitely relies on swarm technology. It consists in hitting tens or even hundreds of drones at the same time at a selected ground or air target. The clashes between the Armenians and Azeris in Nagorno-Karabakh have shown that drones are the future of military action. The Azeris made many successful attacks on Armenian targets with the use of unmanned aerial tech guides delivered from Turkey.

The Chinese are currently leading the world in the development of attack technology using drone swarms. Recently, there have been experiments involving as many as 200 kamikaze drones. The army boasts that eliminating targets in this way is not only cheaper than rocket strikes, but can also be carried out by surprise.

Such trucks can be placed in the most sensitive places of the clash with the enemy, and then soldiers can use kamikaze drones when the enemy least expects it. You can see the attack carried out in this way on the latest footage that was published by the Chinese army.

Kamikaze drones have been equipped with low-resolution cameras, and the entire swarm is controlled by a soldier using a tablet. Although their action is supervised by a human, his role is really only to launch them and then select the target they are to eliminate.