Slimy horror festival on Netflix: All 31 new films and series of the week

The Netflix yield has fluctuated extremely in the last few weeks. Sometimes a lot of good films and series come in one fell swoop, sometimes the offer looks rather poor. This weekend definitely belongs in the second category. Nevertheless, we would like to recommend a few newcomers to you.

New on Netflix: Slimy Horror by Gore Verbinski

Unfortunately, A Cure for Wellness did not turn out to be the desired success in the cinema. Still, Pirates of the Caribbean mastermind Gore Verbinski has created a slimy, creepy and pretty nasty horror film that you shouldn't miss. The following trailer gives you a first impression of the disgusting events.

New to Netflix: Fatih Akin's golden glove

The golden glove has been hotly debated since its premiere at the Berlinale 2019. Fatih Akin's film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Heinz Strunk about the murderer Fritz Honka is repulsive and disgusting, but at the same time infinitely fascinating. A worthwhile borderline experience.

New to Netflix: The remake of The Girl on the Train

The bestseller The Girl on the Train was adapted for the cinema in 2016 with Emily Blunt in the leading role. The Indian remake of the exciting story about a woman who makes a shocking observation while Stream-Planet a train when she looks out the window has been waiting for Netflix since Friday.

New movies on Netflix this week

New series on Netflix this week

As always, the list is not complete, as more films and series often appear on weekends that were not previously announced by Netflix.

What do you watch on Netflix this weekend?