Wikipedia changes its look for the first time in a decade. Now it's more useful If you are used to the appearance of the most popular online treasury of knowledge on all kinds of topics, you may be surprised, because there is a new one.

While the scientific community still laughs at the thought of Wikipedia as a source of reliable information, the truth is that it's hard to find someone who doesn't use it. Especially that, unlike many other solutions, this encyclopedia is constantly growing and currently has over 53 million entries in over 300 languages. It cannot be denied, however, that the website design definitely does not keep up and still looks the same as it did years ago - although this has its advantages, because most of us do not like changes and appreciate the ease of using a familiar interface, but the creators of Wikipedia decided that it's high time.

- We are proud that our website is more direct, simple and ad-free than the rest of the internet. However, the design of the Wikipedia desktop and other Wikimedia Foundation projects has not experienced significant changes in the last 10 years, making many of the page navigation seem clumsy and overwhelming for users and editors whose primary purpose is to create, learn and control content, the website says. Therefore, Wikipedia will see changes, especially as its authors recognize the importance of website design for new users who are just starting to use the Internet - for them many elements of the encyclopedia are unreadable.

In the new version, Wikipedia is to be more modern, trustworthy and encouraging to visit, but at the same techboss the core of the encyclopedia will remain unchanged, so that the whole is intuitive and convenient for both new and old users. Therefore, in May 2019, a project to improve Wikipedia was launched, planned for several years, which will end no earlier than the end of next year, when the website will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It is thanks to him that Wikipedia will have a new logo, a disappearing sidebar, table of contents and many other improvements, a full list of which can be found HERE. The changes will be introduced in stages, and the first will take place soon and will concern the aforementioned retractable sidebar and setting the maximum width of the content on the page, which is to help users focus on the content itself, because it will reduce all possible distractions.