Send your DNA to the moon and save humanity from destruction with LifeShip

Probably most of us will never be honored to land on the moon. However, all is not lost. LifeShip wants, in a sense, to allow us to fly there, and basically our unique genome.

Representatives of the company say that thanks to their idea, every inhabitant of our planet, who has $ 99 on sale, can send to the natural satellite of our planet the most important part of themselves, in the form of DNA, and allow it to survive there for millions of years.

LifeShip wants to create a bank of human genomes on a foreign object in the event of a global disaster. On the surface of the moon, DNA samples will be safe, and when you need to replicate the human species, you’ll be able to use this genetic treasury of knowledge. Then scientists will use our DNA. This vision is supposed to be a great lure for customers and encourage them to take advantage of this interesting offer top web guides.

“People will be able to look up at the moon and feel connected to all life, and realize that they are part of Earth’s great history. It is possible that life came to Earth from deep in space. Perhaps we are now in a moment where we can sow our own lives at objects that are closest to us crossing the Solar System. “My company wants to make it possible for reasonable money,” said Ben Haldeman, LifeShip project promoter and founder of Planet Labs.

Each genome is to be placed in a special capsule and then embedded in amber, which will protect it against the extreme conditions on the surface of the Silver Globe. Into space, thousands of DNA samples will be taken aboard the lander, which will go there on top of the Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX. The company plans to take off landers with capsules filled with genomes every six months.

This is not the first idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type. In April, a private Israeli lander called Beresheet crashed on the moon. On board were genome samples of 25 species of terrestrial creatures and hundreds of tardigrades, small invertebrates, which are considered alien life forms because they can survive in the most extreme conditions.