Breaking Bad is back, the full-length movie already in October on Netflix

If you also belong to a huge group of fans of the series that could not come to terms with the end of the broadcast of your favorite show, then we have good news for you – we will soon know the fate of your favorite characters.

We would like to remind you that Breaking Bad was very well received not only by viewers but also by film critics, which makes it one of the best series in history. The show was broadcast in the years 2008-2013 and during that time won many industry awards, including 10 Emmy Awards, of which 3 were starring actors, Bryan Cranston, who was also nominated three times for the Golden Globe and four times for the Actors’ Guild Award screen tipsdump. However, when we watched the last episode of Season 5, most of us – including the actors in the series – were convinced that this was the last visit to the famous Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico.

On Saturday, however, it turned out that it would be different, because Netflix took on the feature film that will be a direct continuation of Breaking Bad. And this is some time ago, because the premiere of the production was scheduled for October. The production was called El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which is a reference to the car that Jesse Pinkman, in this role Aaron Paul, escapes from his torturers in the last episode of the series. As you can guess, the actor will return to his role, and the participation of one of his buddies, Skinny Pete, who is played by Charles Baker, has been confirmed.

According to The New York Times, Vince Gilligan, the creator of the original series, is responsible for the script and direction of the film, which gives hope for a really good movie. And as Aaron Paul said earlier, this movie is a chapter he really wanted and needed, although he didn’t realize it until now: – Now that I have it, I’m very happy to be part of it. Not that the actor complains about the lack of film proposals after the filming of Breaking Bad, because next year we will see him even in the third season of Westworld from HBO.

And if the pleasure of watching Breaking Bad is yet to come, we’ll just briefly tell you that the series tells the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who one day finds out that he is suffering from inoperable lung cancer. And since he is struggling with constant financial problems, because together with his wife they are raising a son suffering from cerebral palsy and are expecting an unplanned child, he decides to take care of his family before his death, but not necessarily in a legal way … which ends with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman begins to produce methamphetamine, which turns out to be the best drug on the market.


Rapid melting of glaciers can help combat global warming

When the glaciers and global warming are spoken in one sentence, the most common is that the latter is very harmful to the first, while, according to the latest research, one more option is possible.

The melting of Antarctica ice cream is one of the most suggestive consequences of climate change, but it’s not a good thing to know its actual impact on the climate cycle top web tutorials. On the one hand, it is said that it causes a rise in water level, which from time to time may end up flooding the lower areas of our planet, but on the other, scientists from the United States and South Korea suggest that it can be a very effective tool in the fight against global warming.

And to prove their theories, they even conducted climate simulations of the “glacier effect” and found that melting glaciers plays an important role in slowing global warming in the southern hemisphere. Antarctica has been shrinking constantly over the past century and at an alarming rate, and now these processes are accelerating – melting has accelerated three times since 2012. We also know that large icebergs are breaking away from the mainland, destabilizing the shelves, as a result of which a quarter of the West Antarctic glacier is unstable. But do we know what climate effect these areas of ice bring when they leave the continent?

According to the researchers, we miss one important issue, namely when they melt, dilute the oceans, reducing their salinity and cool them. According to researchers who have become interested in this topic and conducted appropriate simulations, this allows for a significant slowdown in the process of global warming caused by human activities. This is interesting because it completely contradicts other studies that suggest something quite the opposite, namely acceleration of global warming by melting glaciers. Does this mean that someone is wrong?

Not necessarily … researchers are beginning to suppose that both mechanisms are part of a larger comprehensive system, and these phenomena may even erase each other. The main conclusion from the new research is therefore that the melting factor of glaciers should be taken into account as a possible help in the fight against global warming. According to one study author: – Our research emphasizes the role of icebergs in climate change and raising sea levels. Depending on how quickly the West Antarctic glaciers disintegrate, the glacial effect may delay future global warming in cities such as Buenos Aires or Cape Town by 10 to even 50 years.


British Airways showed the future of traveling to the XXII century

One of the largest airlines in the world presented their futuristic vision of the future of traveling not only on the planet, but also on the Solar System in the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Interestingly, according to British Airways, future planes will not have much in common with today’s machines. They are to be just spaceships that will be modeled on airplanes. The way of traveling is to be completely different from today’s. This fact should not come as a surprise, because in the case of travel between the Earth’s metropolises with hypersonic speeds, the flight will last several or a dozen minutes, so entertainment in this case will be unnecessary.

It will be different in terms of flights to the Moon or Mars. Flight time may be extended to weeks. Then the carrier will have to take care not only of making the journey time more pleasant, but also for our physical condition in microgravity and proper nutrition. Futurologists believe that the space for passengers will be modified accordingly for each of them, according to the most sophisticated tastes.

Future planes are meant to resemble luxury hotels or simply cruise ships. Business meetings, banquets, exhibitions and cultural events are to take place on their decks. Stewardesses will be replaced by robots equipped with artificial intelligence. Based on facial recognition systems and mood identification, machines will satisfy all passengers’ needs before they ask for anything.

At the Flight of the Foreseeable exhibition, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, you can also learn that our things packed in your luggage will be properly repackaged so that they take up as little space as possible. They will all deal with specialized works. British Airways has created the Curio project on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company’s start-up, which will be celebrated on August 26. Then the British carrier will present its grand plan of vision for the future of its development. This unusual project involved students from the Royal College of Art and the greatest futurologists and experts in the latest technology.

BAE Systems presents an autonomous boat with a machine gun

I do not think anyone has any doubts as to where the development of military technologies is going, including artificial intelligence and robots. The British defense company showed its autonomous boat equipped with deadly weapons.

Pacific 950 is a hybrid boat that combines the advantages of a pontoon and a boat. It was created with the aim of providing even greater maritime safety for the British Navy. It can independently swim across water bodies for up to 10 days and cover up to 556 kilometers at that time. A fully automatic stabilized machine gun system with a caliber of 12.7 millimeters was installed on its beak. The army revealed that although the rifle is controlled by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the human operator takes the final decision about taking the shot.

The boat has the most modern environmental monitoring systems, including visible and infrared cameras. Despite the full autonomy of the boat, operators will watch over their every mission. Of course, these are temporary activities to better train intelligent systems. In the near future, the boats will already perform the recommended tasks themselves, which will consist in observing the sea, detecting the threat and attempting to eliminate it.

Autonomous systems in the army are aimed at reducing injuries and even protecting the lives of soldiers. If, in sum, such automatic and repetitive activities can be carried out by robots, why unnecessarily expose people’s lives. Pacific 950 boats will soon participate in REPMUS military maneuvers organized by NATO in Portugal. If they write for a medal, and certainly will, they will find equipment for the army in the next few months.

Pornhub records cosmic interest in adult films with Strangers

It seems that the Facebook event Storm Area 51, which assumes an organized assault on a closely guarded military base, which gathered 1.5 million people, has strongly sparked interest in contacts with extraterrestrials.

Also very intimate, because, as Pornhub informs, many people are preparing for this event by watching appropriate videos for adults 🙂 And as you can guess, there are many more than those who will actually appear on September 20 at the military base in Nevada to force the authorities to reveal secrets hidden on the spot, i.e. aliens and their technologies, as attempts to convince us of conspiracy theories.

Pornhub reports that since July 12, recorded a huge increase in searches for the term “Area 51”, i.e. from zero to 160,000 in just 4 days – only 16 July, the relevant searches were 59 thousand. At this point, the service statisticians decided to take a closer look at the matter, that is also other searches related to the subject of strangers, and it turned out that it was a surprisingly popular genre, even before facebook action, because every day adult movies about space themes are looking for over 30,000 people.

After the memes and all the turmoil caused by the assault on Zone 51, the popularity of these searches has even skyrocketed – by 217% on July 2, and then by 199% about two weeks later, on July 15. When it comes to specific searches, the “alien impregnation” and “alien sex” are unrivaled, and then we find the “alien belly” (maybe a reference to one scene from the iconic Alien of 1979?), “Alien eggs”, “alien abduction” “And” alien probe “.

Interestingly, these searches are 33% more popular among women than men and for 67% of them the age group 18-24 corresponds (popularity decreases with increasing age). As far as searches in the context of specific countries are concerned, they are not the most popular in the United States – admittedly, an increase of 25% was noted here, but the Czechs turned out to be unrivaled, because here an increase of 67% was noted. How about us? It seems that the Poles are also interested in this topic because we are talking about an increase in the number of searches at the level of 12%. More detailed data (see here).

Medicine Genetic modifications in China will make children there be geniuses

Everything points to the fact that in the near future China will become a land of geniuses, all due to common genetic modifications that will significantly increase children’s intellectual abilities.

The Middle Kingdom is now the absolute pioneer in the world of the subject of genetic modification on humans. The local law in this matter is extremely liberal, and the last loud illegal genetic modifications in the world made on several children, although for many controversial, because unethical and immoral, really opened the door to the future of designing and creating supermen.

The Chinese government, on the one hand, is dulling the samowolkÄ™ in genetic experimentation on people, but on the other supports billions of dollars scientific institutions and scientists themselves. In the following years, dozens of new laboratories will be created in this country, which will specialize in genetic experiments on humans. Authorities do not hide that they want to use the latest achievements of medicine to create a new, intellectually improved society of geniuses, which will be much more efficiently functioning in favor of the country’s bright future.

The introduction to research on the implementation of this vision was to be conducted by experiments conducted by a Chinese scientist, He Jiankuigen. He modified the genetic makeup of three children, removing the CCR5 gene from embryos. This provided the children with better learning and creating memories. It is safe to say that they will be small geniuses who in the future will feed many of their scientific institutions with their intellect and will contribute to faster technological development of the country. Of course, this is just the beginning of this type of experimentation, but the trail has already been cleared and you can not stop it.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, this type of research is forbidden and there is no indication that it will change in the near future. Looking at this issue through the prism of China’s plan, America and Europe are already falling far behind, and in a few years will no longer be important in the development of genetic modification techniques in living organisms. This means that if in a few years China begins to carry out universal programs of genetic modification in children, which will happen on the bank, it will create a terrifying intellectual gap between Asia and the rest of the world that can not be eradicated.

Internet Russian special services fell victim to hackers. 7.5 TB of secret data in the network

Does not someone like the idea of ​​disconnecting Russia from the Internet so much, or maybe the contrary and wanted to know the country’s plans in this area? Either way, the local secret services have cause for concern.

This was not a good weekend for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, or counterintelligence special service of this country, because we have just learned that it was a victim of hackers who managed to steal 7.5 TB of data. And not just any, because they unveil secret FSB projects in the area of ​​de-anonymization of Tor browser users, extracting confidential data from social media or disconnecting Russia from the global network. What’s more, these data were transmitted to the mainstream media, so it was obviously about disclosure and publication.

Behind the whole action is a group called 0v1ru $, which on July 13 broke the security SyTech, a technology company closely cooperating with the FSB in the field of Internet projects, leaving on its main page Yoba Face and photos documenting a successful break-in. Then, the stolen data was transferred to a larger hacking group, Digital Revolution, which dealt with their release in the media and on Twitter, while scoffing at the security of the service and its partners.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time when Digital Revolution has attacked the FSB, but this time we are dealing with the largest data leak in the history of Russian intelligence services, which can cause a lot of confusion. It’s enough to add that on the SyTech website there appeared, among others names of secret FSB projects, such as Arion, Relation or Hryvnia, together with the names of those responsible for them, i.e. the agents were unmasked and state secrets revealed.

And although we are talking about serious projects involving the secret acquisition of data from social media (Nautilus), unmasking users trying to anonymize their network activities (Nautilus-S), collecting data on Russian companies (Mentor) or Russia’s independence from the global Internet, it really … there is nothing new here. We have heard about most of these matters for many years, for example attempts to destroy the Tor network, which have lasted at least since 2012, and in fact only the scale of the data leakage is surprising.

In short, contractors as always appear to be the weakest link in intelligence agencies and this is happening all over the world – it is enough to mention that last week a former US National Security Agency (NSA) colleague was convicted for stealing the secrets of the agency for 20 years. As for the data from the leak itself, 0v1ru $ ensures that it has been made available in its original form, but as the group is still not known, you can not be 100% sure. What about the FSB itself? As you can guess, it did not comment on the matter at all.

Internet FaceApp is a Russian surveillance machine? The Minister of Digitization took the floor in this matter

Admittedly, similar questions and doubts appear almost in every application, which gains so much popularity in a short time, but this time it seems that we are all in great danger.

Let’s start with the fact that FaceApp has been on the market for some two years, but only now has become wildly popular, and all thanks to the feature that everyone can see how it will look like a pensioner (previously, the software allowed to test a new style or hair color ). It turned out to be a hit, because the internet was flooded with photos of social media users sharing their older versions for several dozen years. Unfortunately, most of them probably did not even look at the rules of using the application, and there you can find very disturbing information.

First of all, in order to use FaceApp, we must allow him access to our photos – if we use the smartphone application for this purpose, she gets access to all photos from this device, even if we want to modify only one (specialists from Tech Crunch say, that he is able to access the photos on iPhones even if the user has set the permissions to “never”), and after logging in with Facebook, we provide the software with all the pictures from our profile.

This is not all, because FaceApp stores not only our photos but also all the information provided by the device we use, ie. Viewed websites, applications and other activity, location or IP address. And although we hear at every step that it is only about improving the quality of service provision and personalization of advertising, many cyber security specialists have serious doubts here. Especially that in the privacy policy there is a direct notation that the application does not guarantee the security of this information, some of them can make available to business partners, and in the event of sale of the company will pass everything on to new owners.

This does not sound appealing, but it can not be concealed that we are currently using so many applications, which we grant so many accesses that probably one does not make much difference, but … its creators are from Russia, which ignited some of many lights warning. Well, because it is not known today that Putin’s authorities are able to influence local enterprises and obtain data from them not entirely via legal channels, which is why the Americans decided to act.

Democratic leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, asked the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission with a request to check FaceApp. He argues his position with the possibility of transferring personal data of American citizens to the enemy state. It was enough for the machine to move in other countries, for example ours, because the Minister of Digitization Marek ZagĂłrski also initiated urgent checks in the FaceApp case.

One of them is the Department of Digital Ministry Data Management, which is to check whether the application actually downloads photos and data from our phones, and the other CERT Polska, that is the information security team of the state-owned Scientific and Academic Computer Network, which will check in turn, where exactly the Russian application sends our data. What will the results be? We will probably see for some time, but the scale of the actions taken suggests that something may be on the agenda.

Astronomy New SpaceX missions for NASA will be a great contribution to the development of humanity

The American Space Agency has already trusted Elon Muska so much that it begins to entrust it with the implementation of the most key missions, not only in scientific terms, but also the future of all mankind.

We remind you that NASA recently asked SpaceX for help in carrying out the mission called Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA), which it wants to implement with the European Space Agency. As part of it, a special Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) vehicle is created, the aim of which will be to fly to the planetoid Didymos (65803) and hit it.

Researchers want to test technologies that can be beneficial in this way when Earth is threatened by some cosmic rock. It may all seem like a script for a sci-fi movie, but the future of our planet and the humanity that inhabits it does not appear in pink colors. Astronomers warn that the threat can come at any moment, and our civilization is completely unprepared for it.

NASA has announced that SpaceX will be included in one of the most daunting missions in human history worth $ 69 million. The role of the people of Elon Muska will consist in successfully launching the vehicle into space using the Falcon-9 rocket. The launch is to take place in June 2021 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

New SpaceX missions for NASA a great contribution to the development of humanity. Fig. NASA.

Now we find out that the agency is planning to implement another great mission with the help of SpaceX, worth over 50 million dollars. It’s about the Imaging X-ray Polarimeters Explorer (IXPE), or the orbiting cosmic ray observatory. Over 290 kg device will consist of three instruments, whose task will be to measure the polarization of radiation coming from various sources.

The IXPE device will be lifted into orbit at a height of 540 kilometers and positioned in a place where the anomalies in the magnetic field due to the presence of the internal Van Allen belt are unaffected. NASA wants to get more data about the threat of radiation coming from the most energetic objects in the deep space.

In the coming years, the agency plans to commission Elona Muska another key missions. SpaceX undoubtedly enjoys not only a great reputation in the space industry, but above all it is able to carry out missions much cheaper than the competition, which is a very important aspect for NASA when planning economically sound missions.

Astronomy So spectacularly, the start of the Chinese rocket from the perspective of space

A month ago, the world went round the news that China was the third country in history to launch a launching platform rocket. Now we can see the flight of the Long March 11 missile from the perspective of the Earth’s orbit.

The historic moment occurred on June 5. The rocket CZ-11 took off from a platform floating in the Yellow Sea, near the coast of the Shantung province. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) reported that the mission was successful, and seven satellites were deployed on Earth’s orbit. It was one of the most daunting missions in the history of the Chinese space industry.

The flight of the Chinese rocket was not only captured from the perspective of the sea, but also in the lens of a satellite camera called Jilin-1. At the time of registration of this event, the device was located at a height of about 550 kilometers above the Earth’s surface and moved at a speed of 8 km / s. Of course, CNSA planned the entire undertaking, because it was a historical event, but still the engineers deserve a big applause, because it was quite a complicated task.

The Jilin-1 satellite is one of nine devices operated in orbit by Changguang Satellite Technology Co. Ltd. On a daily basis, the devices perform optical observations of the surface of our planet for the needs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Interestingly, the Long March 11 missile during this mission took the orbit of the 10th satellite of the Jilin constellation into orbit.

Representatives of the China Space Agency have announced that they intend to build special launch platforms for new missions. They also want to carry out more and more such starts in the near future, because they are not only economically viable, due to the closeness of the equator, but also more secure for residents. Many times it happened that the remains of rockets fell on densely populated areas and led to local ecological catastrophes.