The largest 5G test network in Poland has just started in Warsaw

For a long time, we have all been waiting for universal access to the future 5G network, and the first advanced test network of this type launched in the capital city brings us closer to this desired goal.

Yesterday we informed that the president had signed an act on the development of telecommunications services and networks, which should significantly facilitate the creation of the infrastructure needed for 5G in our country, and today we learn that Warsaw, thanks to Orange Polska and Ericsson, is already testing the network, generated by 9 base stations on Warsaw Ochota and Powiśle, which allows you to download data at a speed of close to 900 Mb / s.

According to the press office of the said operator, this is the first such large 5G tests in Poland, checking the latest technology in urban conditions. According to Jean-François Fallacher, President of Orange Polska: – Today we are one step closer to launching the Polish fifth generation mobile network. We are technologically ready for this challenge. After over two years of testing in laboratories and the area, we have launched a network operating in the capital torrent links catalog. We will invite our clients to test it, to whom we will provide 5G smartphones, produced especially for Orange.

– Ericsson is a pioneer in the introduction of 5G technology worldwide. We will now implement this modern solution in the heart of Warsaw. Cooperation with Orange Polska and our continuous investments in Poland contribute to the growth of 5G innovation, making Poland one of the leading 5G countries in Europe – adds Martin Mellor, head of Ericsson in Poland.

The devices forming the test network operate on the basis of the 80 MHz channel in the 3.4 – 3.6 GHz band, which was provided by the Office of Electronic Communications, because this band is to be used to launch the 5G network in Poland. The base stations have been placed in such a way that it is possible to move between them without breaking the connection with 5G. Orange ensures that the solutions used allow data to be transferred via 5G technology integrated with the Orange backbone fiber network, with which all base stations are connected by an optical link with a throughput of 10 Gb / s, which allows data download at speeds up to 1 Gb / s.