Tom Cruise is watching Tenet in the cinema – and is thrilled

Tom Cruise is watching “Tenet” in the cinema – and is thrilled

Tom Cruise attended a screening of “Tenet” in London and posted a video of it on Twitter. A message that would not have been news before, but is somehow newsworthy in times of Corona.

Tom Cruise saw “Tenet” in the cinema (and was obviously excited about it). At , we would never have thought that we would report something like this at the beginning of 2020, but this clearly shows how the (cinema) world has changed due to Corona.

The fact that you (at least in some countries) go to the cinema again at all – whether as a Hollywood superstar like Tom Cruise or simply as a film fan – has become quite a specialty due to the corona pandemic.

Big movie. Big screen. Loved it.— Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) August 25, 2020

Big movie. Big screen. Loved it.

In any case, we liked “Tenet” just as much as Cruise, who posted a short video of his visit to the cinema on Twitter and wrote: “Great movie. Big screen. Was enthusiastic.”

In our review, Christopher Nolan’s “visually intoxicating and conceptually groundbreaking science fiction action masterpiece” was awarded 5 out of 5 stars XMOVIES 8.

The review of “Tenet”

If you want to do it after Tom Cruise (who was in the cinema in London), you can see “Tenet” in German cinemas since August 26th, 2020.